The only Finnish gay and lesbian multi sports club HOT was founded in 1997. The club represents all the Finnish gay and lesbian sport groups, but organized sport activities take place only in Helsinki and Tampere at the moment. The club HOT has about 350 members.

Our goal is to courage glbti people to sport and to take care of one's health. We offer friendly, equal, happy, and sportif atmosphere for everybody from beginners to competitors.

The most popular sports in HOT are: volleyball, floorball, badminton, and aerobics. The club supports also other sports like athletics, climbing, dancing, swimming, futsal, tennis, skiing, and slalom. You are very welcome to join our training while staying in or visiting Helsinki.

HOT is a member of EGLSF (European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation), FGG (Federation of Gay Games), ESLU (Etelä Suomen Urheilu ja Liikunta), and SUL (Suomen Uimaliitto - Finnish Swimming Association).

Read more about what's going on in HOT: To Member Newsletters.

By the way, the name HOT is not shorthening of anything, it's just HOT.

If you have any questions at all about HOT or gay and lesbian sport in Helsinki please contact info (a)


HOT Helsinki organises the EuroGames 29.6.-2.7.2016. Please feel welcome to join us and meet up in the White Princess of the Baltic Sea, Helsinki. Our partners in the event are e.g. the City of Helsinki, and the several sports clubs.

The history of LGBTIQ-games

World Outgames
Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association GLISA

I 2006 Montréal, Canada
II 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark
III 2013 Antwerpen, Belgium
IV 2017 Miami Beach, USA

Gay Games
Federation of Gay Games FGG

I 1982 San Francisco, USA
II 1986 San Francisco, USA
III 1990 Vancouver, Canada
IV 1994 New York, USA
V 1998 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
VI 2002 Sydney, Australia
VII 2006 Chicago, USA
VIII 2010 Cologne, Germany
IX 2015 Cleveland, USA
X 2018 Paris, France

European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation EGLSF

I 1992 Haag, The Netherlands
II 1993 Haag, The Netherlands
III 1995 Frankfurt, Germany
IV 1996 Berlin, Germany
V 1997 Paris, France
VI 2000 Zürich, Switzerland
VII 2001 Hannover, Germany
VIII 2003 Copenhagen, Denmark
IX 2004 München, Germany
X 2005 Utrecht, The Netherlands
XI 2007 Antwerpen, Belgium
XII 2008 Barcelona, Spain
XIII 2011 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
XIV 2012 Budapest, Hungary
XV 2015 Stockholm, Sweden
XVI 2016 Helsinki, Finland

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